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Under the dynamic stewardship of Mentor Mrs. Swati Tiwari, Little Pearls Nursery School (LPNS), one of the leading pre-schools in Nagpur, was established in 2003. The school works with the philosophy that pre-school days are the most important phase for the child’s overall development. LPNS made its presence felt in the eastern side of Nagpur within a short period and now it has become a pre-school of choice of people from various parts of the city. The school inculcates culture where learning is fun. It strives to nourish a learning process and environment which empowers the future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging knowledge society. The school commits itself to provide a stress free learning environment that will develop competent, confident & enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. Mrs. Swati Tiwari believes that a student centered learning system can make a difference. We train the future citizens to be an asset to their families, thereby to our nation.

  • Quality Policy
  • 1) To uphold the right of all children to attend school.
  • 2) To make attendance & punctuality a priority for children and teachers.
  • 3) The school strives to provide a welcoming & caring environment wherein all children feel valued and secured. All school staff works together as a family to ensure regular and punctual attendance.
  • 4) The school has established an effective system of incentives in the form of ‘Pride, Joy and Faith of LPNS Awards’ to acknowledge the efforts of children for 100% attendance, being best in academics and in co-curricular activities which aim to maintain punctuality and regularity in school.
  • 5) To meet these objectives LPNS has established an efficient monitoring and communication system with children, their parents and appropriate agencies to provide mutual information, advice and support.