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CIPS follows a curriculum to provide the best of the learning experiences to its young learners. The curriculum is moulded such that it imbibes every area of learning, and makes the child grow in all aspects of life. We ensure that the entire process of development and learning takes place in a happy, friendly and caring environment where each child is valued as an individual and feels safe and secure.
We employ following :

Problem Solving : Group activities where real life situations are taken up to sensitize children on how to deal with various situations in life for their future.

Brainstorming :Group activities that encourage children to focus on a topic and contribute ideas to explore what they know about the topic.

Morning Message :Requires teachers to write messages on board. It helps children to recognize text. This exercise teaches children that reading and writing go together.

Sharing Circle :Group activities which help children to share their thoughts. At the same time it promotes active listening as well.

Show and Tell :Plays a vital role in oral language development and builds confidence, where children get an opportunity to talk about familiar objects.

Wordless Picture Books :Helps to develop sense of story where children learn to observe the minute details recollect the story lines and sequence the illustrations. This improves creativity.

Co-operative Learning :Helps children to socialize and work together in a group to accomplish a common task. This develops a better relationship among children and also boosts their confidence and adds to their self esteem. Our student strength allows the teachers to personalize the curriculum to a child to learn the way he or she enjoys. We treat each student as distinct individuals with his or her own uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses and cultural diversity. We believe in creating an interactive & entertaining environment that stimulates the desire to be inquisitive and learn new skills and concepts. We are trusted by parents of multicultural Indian society and also diverse international community. We practice student centered approach enriched with activities that develop imagination, thinking and creativity. Personal care and attention are the key words in our teaching methodology. Though the teaching environment is lively, the teachers are not lenient when it comes to the progress and development of the child. We have been very competitive with regards to the CBSE curriculum adopted by the schools in India. The tools & techniques used in CIPS have been well researched and smoothens the learning process of students. Efforts are made to avoid putting stress on students rather complex lessons are broken down into simpler forms for better grasping of knowledge. Further, the students have hands on experiences in different labs and activities which enhance their learning. We hold many events where students are encouraged to participate in such events and show off their skills and knowledge.