Central India Public School (CIPS) is one of the leading CBSE schools in Nagpur established in 2003. It has been just over a decade but school's popularity has skyrocketed.

The journey for CIPS began with Panchavati Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha (Trust under which the school is established) started with an intention to provide education to everyone. Mr. V. S. Tiwari, President of the Sanstha and an educationist realized that good educational institutes are a necessity if society is to progress. He served for 46 years in the field of education as a teacher to principal.

After his retirement, his youngest son Mr. Pravin Tiwari, took up the mantle to full fill his father's dreams. While deciding to join his father, Mr. Pravin Tiwari left a very lucrative executive job in the field of engineering. He realized the dearth of a good CBSE school in this area of the city. Thus to bridge this gap, he started CIPS in 2003.

The school increased in popularity and parents demanded that a second branch be opened. Thus in 2005, another branch was open at Kamptee road and Kapsi. CIPS now has 2500 students at its two branches.

Central India Public School (CIPS) was set out with a vision of creating India where holistic school education would be provided to children and in the process create citizens who are intellectually, culturally and socially worth. The school envisions of children who are confident & enterprising and will excel in every walk of life be it academics, leadership, sports, entrepreneurship, politics, literature etc. The preparation for this starts at school level and CIPS has been marching in the right direction. Be it bagging prestigious awards or students performing well in board exams, the schools have been in the news for all the right reasons.

Under the dynamic stewardship of Mentor Mrs. Swati Tiwari, Little Pearls Nursery School (LPNS), one of the leading pre-schools in Nagpur, was established in 2003. The school works with the philosophy that pre-school days are the most important phase for the child’s overall development. LPNS made its presence felt in the eastern side of Nagpur within a short period and now it has become a pre-school of choice of people from various parts of the city. The school inculcates culture where learning is fun. It strives to nourish a learning process and environment which empowers the future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging knowledge society. The school commits itself to provide a stress free learning environment that will develop competent, confident & enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. Mrs. Swati Tiwari believes that a student centered learning system can make a difference. We train the future citizens to be an asset to their families, thereby to our nation.

Quality Policy

1) To uphold the right of all children to attend school.

2) To make attendance & punctuality a priority for children and teachers.

3) The school strives to provide a welcoming & caring environment wherein all children feel valued and secured. All school staff works together as a family to ensure regular and punctual attendance.

4) The school has established an effective system of incentives in the form of ‘Pride, Joy and Faith of LPNS Awards’ to acknowledge the efforts of children for 100% attendance, being best in academics and in co-curricular activities which aim to maintain punctuality and regularity in school.

5) To meet these objectives LPNS has established an efficient monitoring and communication system with children, their parents and appropriate agencies to provide mutual information, advice and support.

Mrs. Swati Kothari
Supervisor, LPNS
Wardhaman Nagar

“I have been connected with this institution from the past 14 years and it has become as a part of my family. My journey in this esteemed institution has been full of enjoyment and learning with new experiences each time. And now I am imparting my experiences and knowledge to my team of teachers which will ultimately help us in achieving our goal. We have been recognized and acknowledged by the education fraternity for the past several years. I have been a part of LPNS for all these years and yet I am not yet satisfied fully with the achievements we have made so far. I yearn to achieve more with my dedicated team members for the overall progress of my school.”

The world around is changing continuously. It has become so difficult to adapt to the ever changing conditions that are now even more dynamic. So at the juncture of providing quality education becoming a challenge, CIPS is committed to tender a stress free and fun filled teaching leaning environment that prepares our students self confident and self reliant to face the challenges of the outer world.

We are committed to impart quality education at affordable fees to all. Well equipped with learning experience modern educational audio visual aids an open mind, we have successfully translated these findings into effective concrete action.

It’s wonderful to see our children moving ahead and their parents getting satisfied and gleaming with pride and it’s the factor that drives our minute-to-minute involvement with the school every day. No compliment is greater than a mother choosing to continue with our school over many other older institutions.

Mr. Pravin Tiwari
Director, CIPS

We at Little Pearls Nursery School (LPNS) believe that what a child hears, observes and learns in the first 4 years of his life greatly determines his basic intelligence at maturity. Thus the environment during this most tender and impressionable period must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, spiritual, emotional and social development of the child.

LPNS is a unique school ventured into quality pre-primary education with a vision of structuring this early development to achieve maximum growth for children. To learn is fun here wherein we preserve our culture by imbibing traditional values with a global perspective that prepares our students for a better tomorrow’s civilization.

Mrs. Swati Tiwari
Mentor, CIPS & LPNS

School has different management committees for its 2 branches at Kamptee Road & Kapsi which comprises of eminent educationists from the city, opinioned parents, and teachers from CIPS. The members of the committee meet at regular intervals to arrive at decisions regarding the future of the school & children, best practices in education and other decisions related to CIPS. The management committees for 2 branches are as follows

1. Chairperson -
2. Vice Chairperson -
3. Secretary -
4. Joint Secretaries -
Mrs. Swati Chauhan
Mrs. Swati Makde (Parent representative)
Mrs. Rekha Lulla
Mrs. Smita Shende
Mr. Dwarkadhish Parwani (Parent representive)
5. Members (Parent Representative)